Query Type

Kinase Drug 3D Interaction Identification

This query provides listings of atom-to-atom interaction pairs between a kinase and a small drug molecule. Interactions are defined by distance between the atoms, which are measured in Angstroms. The data in this database are extracted from coordinate information of co-crystallization files in the RCSB PDB Protein Data Bank. The Kinase Drug Interaction database currently contains data from 2273 co-crystallization files.


Step 1 - Protein Kinase Specification

Please provide the short/full name or UniProt ID for the human kinase of interest as a search term.



Step 2 - Drug Specification

Use the pull-down menu below to select for the drug of interest.


Step 3 - Interaction Distance

Use the pull-down menu below to set the maximum value for interaction distance (in Angstroms) between atoms.


Step 4 - Display Parameter Specification

Boxes that are marked are activated to display. Click on boxes to change status.


Step 5 - Report Generation

Click on boxes below to produce a custom table with results or to reset the parameters.