Query Type

Kinase-focused Compound Identification

This query provides listings of compounds that have been experimentally tested as inhibitors for a selected protein kinase. Follow the instructions below to narrow down on those compounds that exhibit the strongest inhibition or binding to the target kinase out of up to 400 possible human protein kinases. The lowest reported IC50, Ki or Kd values in nanomolar for each kinase-compound pair is provided.


Step 1 - Protein Kinase Specification

Provide the gene name, protein name, UniProt ID or NCBI RefSeq ID of the target human protein kinase
as a search term.



Step 2 - Data Output Specification

Use the pull-down menu below to specify the number of compounds listed in the output table.


Step 3 - Display Parameter Specification

Boxes that are marked are activated to display. Click on boxes to change status.


Step 4 - Report Generation

Click on boxes below to produce a custom table with results or to reset the parameters.