Query Type

Compound-focused Kinase Identification

This query provides a listing of kinases and other proteins that have been experimentally tested as targets for a selected compound. Follow the instructions below to narrow down on those kinases and other proteins that exhibit the strongest sensitivities to a compound of interest out of over 800 known kinase inhibitors. The lowest reported IC50, Ki or Kd values in nanomolar for each kinase-compound pair is provided.


Step 1 - Compound Specification

Enter the first few characters for a compound name, CAS ID, PubChem ID, or ChEMBL ID and then select the desired search term from the automatically completed list.



Step 2 - Data Output Specification

Use the pull-down menu below to specify the number of proteins listed in the output table.


Step 3 - Display Parameters

Boxes that are marked are activated to display. Click on boxes to change status.


Step 4 - Report Generation

Click on the boxes below to produce a custom table with results or to reset the parameters.